RMS Test Packages and Gift Certificates

Information about our packages

P1/Driving Test Packages/Car Hire

Driving Lesson Test Packages from Penrith Driving School include a lesson or lessons prior to the driving test. This includes the car hire for the purpose of the RMS P1/driving test. Limited RMS Test routes and other areas not familiar with students are used to test a students ability prior to a driving test.

Our vehicle can be hired that has been used during your driving lessons for the purpose of the RMS driving test. Driving Test Bookings and Driving Test Packages are to be paid in advance. We do not refund on car hire cost after bookings and require 2 full business days notice to reschedule.

Fees Still Payable

While most people attend if you do not pass or unable to do the driving test the car hire fee is still payable. Car hire may not be available for the driving test if we determine you are unable to drive a car.

The Full RMS hire fee is still payable and the driving test hire will be cancelled as we will not lend our car to someone we believe cannot drive. You should consider a lesson prior to your test date for us to determine if you will be able to use our car.

Please note any payments made by Paypal that are cancelled by the customer will incur a refund fee (varies) which Paypal charges us for your cancellation. See our T’s & C’s for further information about cancellations.

Driving Test Bookings

Driving Tests should not be booked without firstly checking with Penrith Driving School.
Check we are available on the day and time of the driving test if using our vehicles for the RMS Driving Test.

Vehicles for the driving test must be provided you or hire a vehicle through a driving school.
If using your own car for a driving test make sure it is roadworthy or the test will be cancelled

Penrith Driving School can book your RMS driving test on your behalf but payment is required prior to us making your booking. Students should ensure that log books are fully signed and all the hours totaling 120 hours. There must be 20 night driving hours included otherwise you will not be allowed to do the P1 driving test.
Click on this link to read the Guide to the Driving Test which may help you avoid the pitfalls when on the driving test.

RMS Test Packages/Car Hire

Car hire for RMS Driving Test.
Manual or Automatic

3 x 1.5-hour lessons.
1-hour lesson prior to driving test subject to location of pickup.
Pickup and drop off.
All insurances.

Suit students or drivers preparing for RMS driving test.

Reverse parallel parking, 3 point turns, Kerbside stopping, nose first parking, and hill starts. (manual)/. We check that you are doing all requirements to pass your driving test, check your road rule knowledge. You should certainly have a good understanding of line markings, traffic lights, intersections, and roundabouts. Likewise also have good decision-making aspects which will be required for the driving test.

Another area is also checking your driving is to a safe standard which is important for when you start driving by yourself. Passing your driving test is up to you. Driving independently is required.

Manual driving tests are more difficult than the Automatic driving test. This package is for students or drivers that already have very good manual vehicle driving skills. Students that just need some sharpening up before the manual driving test. It is not to teach you how to drive a manual if you are not confident in a manual consider lessons prior for us to assess you.

Sharpen Up Your Driving

Note: Our expectation is that you are able to drive properly without assistance from the instructor. (The RMS assessor will give no assistance during a driving test). The package is to sharpen up your skills, help fix any small errors and check you are meeting the driving test criteria. If you are not driving correctly you may need more practice or lessons prior to your test.

These lessons will be conducted in the RMS test routes used for conducting driving tests and areas that test your decision-making ability. You need to study and practice to pass school exams so study and practice to pass your driving test.

Leave Enough Time

Lessons should be done 2-3 weeks or so before your driving test so you shouldn’t leave it to the last minute to get prepared. Students who are not ready or prepared usually struggle to pass the driving test. If your driving ability isn’t to the RMS standard you may require more lessons or more practice.

The driving test date should be confirmed with us prior to booking driving test to ensure vehicle availability of our vehicle. Payment is required at time of booking to ensure vehicle availability for driving test. Cancellation fee applies with less than 1 full days notice. See our T’s and C’s for further information on cancellations.

Car for RMS Driving Test

Car hire for the RMS Driving Test.
1-hour lesson prior to driving test.
Pickup and drop off.
All insurances.
1 hour isn’t enough driving time to go over all your requirements so consider lessons prior to your test.

We do not hire our cars out to students or drivers without first assessing their driving ability. Students or drivers must have had a lesson with us before the day of the test. If we determine you do not have the skill to drive our car safely we cannot allow the use of it for a driving test. The lesson cannot be on the test day.

Don’t take the driving test for granted as being easy as error accumulation can make you fail apart from the instant fail items. This package does guarantee you will pass your driving test. Driving test date should be first confirmed prior to booking driving test to ensure vehicle availability. Payment required at time of booking.

Cancellation fee applies with less than 1 Business days notice.
See our T’s and C’s for further information on cancellations.

Gift Certificates

Available for Automatic or Manual Driving Lessons.
Select the number of lessons required and fill out contact information or call us.
The recipient must contact us to arrange lesson days and times.
Gift Certificates are only for Lessons Not Car hire or Test Packages.

We can post the gift certificates to a nominated address and at times drop them off if local.
Gift certificates are hard copy only.
Payment is required prior to the purchase of gift certificates.
Gift certificates are valid for the period as per NSW Law from the date of purchase and are not transferable for cash.

If you purchase an automatic gift certificate then want to change to a manual vehicle a surcharge of the difference in price will be required.
Contact us at Penrith Driving School today for further information and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Please note any payments made by Paypal that are refunded will incur a refund fee (varies) which Paypal charges us.
Paypal fees are also included in any purchases through our website. Paypal is payment option but does attract fees.
To avoid these PayPal fees pay by bank/internet transfer or visa/master card over the phone.

Normal Driving Lesson Hours

Monday to Friday 7 am to 6 pm Saturday and Sunday 7 am to 1 pm
All lesson types purchased such single lessons, lesson packages, RMS Packages and Gift Certificates will be available during these hours only.  

Driving lessons after 6 pm Monday to Friday and after 1 pm on Saturday or Sunday are charged at a higher rate as per price page. These are after-hours lessons so cost more if we give up our time, sorry we have families as well.