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Considering buying some driving lessons? maybe for your kids, grand kids or maybe just for you so what should you consider when buying driving lessons?
Remember that having professional driving lessons with Penrith Driving School is an investment in your driving future and can lay the foundation for becoming a better driver so how important is your driving future?

Please take the time to read our lesson information page as this may answer some of your questions about our driving lessons and packages that we offer.

Penrith Driving School is always happy to answer any questions and help with you’re inquiries you may have but please be patient if we can’t answer straight away as we are unable able to answer your calls if we are conducting driving lessons but we will get back to in between our lessons so please leave us a message or maybe send us an online enquiry.
We hope you understand that is is not fair to students for us to be taking bookings or answering those inquires when on lessons as this is the students time not ours. Thank you

Driving Lesson Goals

You should ask yourself what your goal is or what you would like to achieve when buying driving lessons.

  • Are they for new student with no experience?
  • Are they for a student with some experience?
  • Is the student getting ready for the P1 driving test?
  • Is the student actually ready to drive by themselves?
  • How do you know?
  • Do I want learn Automatic or Manual?
  • In need of driving lessons because you are down on confidence or nervous?
  • Maybe you just want to get some general refresher driving lessons?
  • New to the country or from interstate?
  • Having trouble parking?

For all your driving lesson requirements Penrith Driving School can answer your questions and advise you about which lessons may best suit your requirements so why not talk to us now and get the right advice and information the first time.

Safe Driving And Using Mobiles

We do not answer phones when on driving lessons as this is the student’s time.
Would you like us taking bookings and phones calls during your lessons?
If you have made the phone call to us then you may as well leave a message on our voicemail, send us a text message or send an online enquiry and we will get back to you in between lessons.

Finding The Best Driving School For Your Needs

You should always take the time to ask what you are actually getting when buying driving lessons;

  • What does the driving school teach?
  • How do they deliver the lessons?
  • How much of the lesson is practical driving?
  • Are they sitting on the side of the road for half the lesson?
  • What guarantees do they offer?
  • Do instructors take bookings or answer phones during lessons?

Penrith Driving School lessons are very informative and practical we make sure from the outset that students are being shown the correct procedures and given the important knowledge they will need to start becoming more automated and independent in their driving abilities therefore having more time to think which can allow for faster reaction times should an incident occur.

Lesson Enquiries

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What to expect from Penrith Driving School

Penrith Driving School is Penrith’s premier driving school and our experienced instructors teach safe and responsible independent driving to our students as driving these days is not only about your own ability and with so many vehicles on ours roads there seems to be so many reckless and careless drivers, some drivers probably shouldn’t even have a licence so you need to be smarter by driving for them which can help you try to avoid an incident of their doing by having a strong road awareness and applying defensive driving style techniques.

Penrith Driving School provides instructed car driving lessons in both Automatic and Manual Vehicles.
Our instructors are certified, experienced easy going which makes for stress free no yelling at student lessons.
From beginners with no driving experience to students with some experience and those students preparing for the driving test we can teach you all you will need to know in a professional manner.

We have developed our own set of Structured Driving Lessons which aren’t just about having students drive around but rather having students drive themselves around which developes a better process and teaches students to become more automated by learning to think independently which can result in better and smarter drivers.
Our Lessons are informative and relaxed which are effective by allowing progression of skills while building confidence and self-esteem which students will benefit from.
Driving lessons are delivered and conveyed to students by using our own professionally developed process to deliver a quality and informative learning experience whilst making the lesson environment enjoyable to the student.

Students come to learn and they will make mistakes and errors but there is really no need to disrespect them or be yelling at them when they do if driving lessons are being conducted properly in a controlled environment.
Penrith Driving School does not yell or disrespect their students when they make errors or mistakes it’s just not necessary.

For students to properly learn they need to make errors and mistakes in a controlled environment to learn properly how to avoid making them at a later time which starts help them understand how they can improve and to refine the techniques of driving.
Our instructors are thinking ahead when driving with students by giving clear instructions, directions and demonstrations so students can easier understand what they should be doing and how they should be doing it.
You can explain to students what they should be doing and how they should doing it but they need to experience those situations of errors and mistakes to be able to improve their driving ability so they can differentiate from what is an error or mistake.
Penrith Driving School encourages students and always finds positives from negatives to build their self-esteem, confidence and ability. When a student see’s how they have improved on those previous errors and mistakes they were making it gives them more confidence which further motivates to learn.
It is important to start learning how to “think” for yourself in the early stages when learning how drive which is the way Penrith driving School teaches.

There is nothing wrong with parents or supervisors teaching their kids or students how to drive and can be part the whole learning experience of driving but if supervisors aren’t actually teaching their kids or the students in the correct way how to drive properly in the beginning then this can a negative effect to those who they are teaching so the bad habits or incorrect techniques are formed without actually knowing it is happening.
So how do you know what you are teaching is correct?
Did you know we also do lessons for parents to ensure that what they are teaching is correct?

Penrith Driving School can advise you correctly the first time about your driving lesson requirements contact us now for further information or to make a booking.


Considerations When Booking A lesson

When booking lessons consider your schedules or your children’s schedule.
If you can find 1 hour for a driving lesson why not find 1½ hours (90 min).
For maximum benefit lessons should be frequent rather than being drawn out over a long period.
Talk to us about what your goal is so we can give you the correct information.

One of the most popular lessons is the 1½ hour (90 min) lesson as this allows more lesson time, saves you money in the long run and it also reduces the days required to be available for lessons.
Our packages can also be used as 60, 90 or 120 minute lessons or in combination to the total minutes purchased in the package.
We don’t recommend 2 hour lessons for new students with no experience as they can lose concentration.

Contact us for more information or to answer any of your questions.

Penrith Driving School Cars

Penrith Driving School teaches driving lessons in Automatic and Manual Kia Cerato Hatchbacks which are all 5 star ANCAP rated for safety, air conditioned, spacious and easy to drive.
They are certified and engineered to to the RMS requirements.
Vehicles are always fully maintained and checked regularly for road worthiness.
Vehicles may have in car cameras for legal and insurance purposes.

Lesson Package Information

Penrith Driving School has a number of different lesson packages available on our “lesson Prices” page but we can also put a different lesson package to suit your particular needs.
Buying lessons as packages can save money based on individual lesson prices.
The total minutes in a package maybe used as individual lessons or extended lessons to the total amount of lesson time.
As with all our driving lesson packages we always suggest you do a “try before buy” lesson if considering purchasing a lesson package.
After you’re satisfied with us we then can deduct the lesson cost from the package price.
We also have other popular driving test packages which are suitable for those students preparing to undertake the RMS driving test.
You should try for at least 2 lessons per week or consider 90 minute lessons.
Packages are paid in advance or after the “try before you buy” lesson.
Packaged lesson are conducted between Monday to Saturday 8-00am to 5-00pm we may vary this at our discretion.
For the correct advice and information the first time contact Penrith Driving School.

Single Lessons

Our single lessons are 60 minutes, 90 minutes or 120 minutes.
Lessons are available in either an Automatic Vehicle or a Manual Vehicle.
Not suitable for students who have no manual experience, students must have some manual experience for manual lessons.

3 Lesson

Our 3 lesson packages are 60 minutes, 90 minutes or 120 minutes.
Lessons are available in either an Automatic Vehicle or a Manual Vehicle.
They consist of 3 lessons in an Automatic Vehicle or a Manual Vehicle for the selected duration.
Not suitable for students who have no manual experience, students must have some manual experience for manual lessons.

5 Lesson

Our 5 lesson packages are 60 minutes, 90 minutes.
Lessons are available in either an Automatic Vehicle or a Manual Vehicle.
They consist of 5 lessons an Automatic Vehicle or a Manual Vehicle for the selected duration.
Not suitable for students who have no manual experience, students must have some manual experience for manual lessons..

Automatic Packages

We have packages available in Automatic which are available in 5 lessons and 10 lessons.
We can also do larger lessons packages if required.
All packaged lessons can be used as either 60, 90 or 120 minutes to total amount of lesson time available in the package.
Suitable for new students without any driving experience or those wanting to learn how to drive better.
Lessons should be frequent to keep the flow of knowledge so at least 2 lessons per week should be your goal.
Drawing lessons out over months isn’t very productive for students as they forget so they continually need refreshing which reduces progression and they may not learn or retain as much information which regular lessons can do.
Packaged lessons are conducted between Monday to Saturday 8-00am to 5-00pm we may vary this at our discretion.

Automatic/Manual Package Information.

This package is suitable for new students without any driving experience or students who have limited manual experience who are struggling to learn manual.
Ours car being of the same type allow students to start out in the automatic to learn steering, braking and acceleration whilst at the same time building confidence in vehicle control and road awareness when driving on the roads and in the traffic.
Gone are the old ways of throwing students into the deep end and expecting them the be able to steer, brake accelerate, use the clutch, change gears, use blinkers , watch the traffic, make decisions all at the one time which still seems to happen.
This can have a negative effect, be daunting and very stressful to some students as they can struggle comprehending too much information which can deter them from driving lessons and it may also take more lessons in the long run.
After the basics they progress to driving the automatic in manual/sports mode which helps coordinate the shifting speeds when accelerating and decelerating to help understand the relationship between correct shifting speeds and changing gears whilst learning to remove their hand from the steering to shift gears.
Finally they then transition into the manual vehicle which makes the process much more effective as they have already gained ability of basic driving and vehicle control without the stress that being put into a manual vehicle can create from the beginning.
It can also reduce the amount of lessons required but of course this is dependent on the students ability.
We do not put new students with no experience directly into a manual vehicle this is the old way and can make for stressful lessons for students.
As the old saying goes “you need to learn to walk before you can run” so learn in the automatic then progress to the manual.

Parents should understand that what may seem easy and natural for you has been built on many years of driving experience but is vastly different for someone with no experience or confidence.
Parents or supervisors can get frustrated trying to teaching someone how to drive so think about how does the student feel?.
Parents of kids and students should remember not to rush driving lessons when attempting to learn it doesn’t happen over night.
Contact us at Penrith Driving School and we will be happy to provide you with the correct information and the best options for your driving lesson requirements.
Packaged lessons are conducted between Monday to Saturday 8-00am to 5-00pm we may vary this at our discretion.

Manual Lesson Packages

This package is suitable for students or those who already have manual experience looking to learn the correct way to drive a manual vehicle and learn the various manoeuvres required for the RMS driving test.
You should firstly determine what your goal is and what you would like to achieve from the manual driving lessons  so the lessons can be structured to suit your needs.
Students may be able to drive a manual vehicle but it may not be good enough to pass the RMS driving test.
The vehicle must be driven in a particular way to demonstrate all the manoeuvres required correctly and also be able to show you have control of the vehicle at all times in order to pass the RMS driving test get your licence.
If you have no experience or limited manual experience then you may need to do the Auto/Manual package.
Remember it’s not just about passing your driving test you also need to able drive safely and independently by being able to make the correct decisions without supervision so don’t rush to get your licence if you are not ready there could be serious consequences.
Penrith Driving School can advise you correctly and are happy to answer any questions that you may have so contact us today.
Packaged lessons are conducted between Monday to Saturday 8-00am to 5-00pm we may vary this at our discretion.

P1/Driving Test Packages/Car Hire

Penrith Driving School has driving test packages which include a lesson or lessons prior to the driving test and the car hire for the purpose of the RMS P1/driving test.
We will provide/hire the vehicle to you that has been used during your driving lessons in for the purpose of the RMS driving test.
Costs and information are in the lesson price page.
We do not hire the car to someone who has not had a driving lesson with us prior to the day of the driving test.
We need to access that you have the ability to be able drive the vehicle safely.
The lesson cannot be done on the day of the driving test and should at least a couple of days prior to your test.
Driving Test Bookings and Driving Test Packages are to be paid in advance.
The RMS does not refund your test fee without 24 hours notice, you may reschedule prior the day before.
We do not refund on car hire cost without 48 hours notice if you do not pass or unable to do the test the car hire fee is still payable.
Driving Tests should not be booked without firstly checking with Penrith Driving School that we are available on the day and time of the driving test if using our vehicles for the RMS Driving Test.
The RMS does not provide vehicles for the driving test you must provide your own vehicle or hire a vehicle through a driving school.
Penrith Driving School can book your RMS driving test on your behalf but payment is required prior to us making your booking.
Students should ensure that log books are fully signed and all the hours total 120 hours or more otherwise you will not be allowed to do the P1 driving test.
Click on this link to read the Guide to the Driving Test which may help you avoid the pitfalls when on the driving test.

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are available as 5 lessons and 10 lessons gift vouchers come with bonus lesson time.
We can post the vouchers to a nominated address.
Payment is required prior to purchase of vouchers.
Contact us today for further information and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Student Pickup Times

Students should be ready to be picked up at the booked time and address given to Penrith Driving School at the time of your booking.
If you are not ready and the Instructor has to wait for you then this will reduce your lesson time.
Please ensure you are ready to be picked up.
You should bring your Learners Licence and you Drivers Log Book and payment if required.
Correct footwear should be worn no thongs or loose footwear.
Students should also monitor their mobile phones for text messages or phone calls from their instructor around lesson time.
Instructors always try to be on time when possible but can be up to 10 minutes late due to traffic or a previous lesson running over time. Instructors have limited transition time between lessons.
Should a Penrith Driving School Instructor be excessively late at the booked time of a lesson or the unforeseen need to cancel a lesson arise we will reschedule that lesson and or make up that time by extending the lesson where possible to compensate for lesson time.

Use your mobile phone planner to set a reminder for your lesson
You should also inform your boss of your lesson so you don’t have to cancel .


Any students who undertake driving lessons with Penrith Driving School cannot be under the influence of any alcohol, drugs or substances prior to commencing lessons with us or your lesson will be cancelled if determined by the instructor that you are not in any fit condition to drive a Motor Vehicle and you will be charged the lesson fee or have the lesson deducted from packages.
Students should avoid late nights and excessive drinking if you have an early morning lesson as you may very well be still under the influence of alcohol and your lesson will be cancelled if the instructor determines you are not fit to drive a motor vehicle and your lesson fee will be payable or deducted from packages.
Penrith Driving School needs to comply with NSW laws as do students.


Lesson Guarantee

Penrith Driving School offers a Lesson Refund Guarantee where if you feel you have not gained any skills during you’re lesson we will refund that lesson cost.
We can offer this because we are very confident that you will learn with us.

Business Hours 7 Days 6am-9pm

Penrith Driving School is available for lessons during the day, evenings and weekends.
We are able to pick you up and drop you off at the station, your house and workplace.
Our normal business operations times are between 8-00am to 5-00pm Monday to Saturday.
For Sunday Lessons or lessons before 8-00am and after 5-00pm prices may vary.
For further information please contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions.
Packaged lesson are conducted between Monday to Saturday 8-00am to 5-00pm we may vary this at our discretion.

Cancellations and Bookings

A booking that is made with Penrith Driving School is the same as an appointment and should be treated as such, we reserve that time and on the day you have requested.
We require 48 hrs notice to be given if you intend to cancel or reschedule your lesson so we may try to use that booking space for another student. There is no charge for this.
Penrith Driving School understands that there may be an occasion where a lesson has to be cancelled at short notice for genuine reasons.
When you book a driving lesson time with Penrith Driving School we reserve that day and time for you and expect you to attend.
Our commitment to you is to keep your booking time which is what you expect of us so we expect that you will keep your booking otherwise we prefer to give that booking space to someone who is able to attend the lesson.
Do not make bookings if you unable to keep them as this disrupts our business and prevents us from booking someone else.
Inform your boss that you have a driving lesson on that day and time so as to avoid cancelling at short notice.
Everybody has mobile phones these days and can set reminders just as we do in our calendars.
To say I “forgot” is not a valid reason for non-attendance of a driving lesson, we remember so should you.
We may charge a lesson fee or deduct a lesson from packages for non-attendance it’s up to you to be responsible and attend your booked lesson or don’t make the booking.
We may also choose not to take further bookings on single lessons for continued late cancellations and may request payment prior to taking any further bookings.
Should you cancel again at short notice with less than 48 hours notice you will forfeit the lesson cost or packaged lesson and there is no refund.
You should book your lessons early to guarantee availability for your next lesson.
Should a Penrith Driving School Instructor be running late you will be contacted prior to the booked time of the lesson and advised.
We will extend the lesson to make up for the lost time in most cases.
In the event we need to cancel a lesson we will reschedule that lesson or refund the lesson cost.
Lesson packages are valid for a period of 3 months from date of purchase.