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What to expect from Penrith’s Premier Driving School

enrith Driving School is Penrith’s premier driving school for learning how to drive, to improve your driving and preparing you properly for your driving test and beyond.
Whether it be for gaining more confidence in more complex driving situations or learning how to park properly.
Learning the proper way to drive the first time will prepare you for your driving future.
If you have been with another driving school and you felt that you didn’t really learn enough then try one of our lessons and see the difference better instructors can make.

Only One

There is only one Penrith Driving School other driving schools try to copy us in more ways than one but no one does better and more informative driving lessons than us as our focus is on our teaching people to drive the correct and safe way without the excessive time wasting and trying to sell the low-quality driving lessons so you buy more.
It’s up to you what you want to learn from your lessons but if just starting out then that’s where we start.

Time wasting by other Driving Instructors

Some students tell us their previous instructors are teaching them how to operate the basics like vehicle controls, adjust mirrors etc but if you are getting ready for a driving test you should already know this and this is what we call time wasting and these other instructors are so good they can even tell you exactly how many lessons you will need.
I forgot to mention the other punchline “if you pay up front we can give you a discount”
We would expect students getting ready for driving tests to be able to drive almost independently by themselves but there are usually areas that need improvement depending on the knowledge and skills of the students.

Experienced Instructors

Our experienced instructors have over 60 years combined Australian local driving experience.
By utilising their driving skills and knowledge they have gained over that time this can then be passed on to the students they teach.
The students can learn to be safe, responsible and become better skilled independent more confident drivers.
Driving is for the long term so start out properly or improve your experience which can only make you a better driver in the long run. 

Become a Smarter Driver

Driving these days is not only about your own driving ability you also have to contend with so many vehicles on our roads.
Driving is not just about how to control a car properly you need to also learn and understand about defensive driving.
Learning about road awareness can lead to making you a better and smarter driver, not just a driver.

Learn to be smarter by looking and thinking ahead to recognise a potential incident to reduce the risk of incidents when driving.

What we Teach

Penrith Driving School has developed our own way of teaching which delivers results to our students.
Students continually improve and retain valuable knowledge about driving and learn to adapt to changing conditions.
Learning is a process and the earlier students start to develop and understand that process the better they will become.
They can then begin to build on the knowledge they acquire to become better drivers in a more automated way by thinking independently at an earlier stage.
This, in turn, helps to develop better skills and awareness for when they begin to drive by themselves.

Not Just the RMS Test Tracks

The RMS Driving Test tracks are commonly used by us to test a student’s independent driving skills and ability.
We also take our students into areas that may not be familiar, this also tests a students knowledge and ability.
To be able to drive safely and be confident you can’t just drive up and down straight roads or around the testing tracks.
Traffic and road conditions continually change and you must be able to change and adapt your driving to meet these conditions.
The only way is by having good solid experience and the road skills to match.
We don’t use cotton wool buds, we deal with reality and the reality of driving comes with risks but risks can be reduced if you know how.
Go for your licence because you can drive not because you want it.

A Difference Between Driving Schools

There really is a big difference between the quality of driving lessons being provided by driving schools these days.
Some seem to be more about selling more lesser quality lessons at cheaper prices in more quantity.
Some seem to just teach a single learning subject during a lesson rather than combining various lesson subjects.
Did you know? that some driving schools do not combine multiple lesson subjects as part of a driving lesson.
Do your homework and ask some questions about what you are going to get and what you will be taught.
Cheap budget lessons may end up costing you more in the long run and you may not learn as much as you probably should be.

Automatic and Manual 

Penrith Driving School provides car driving lessons in Automatic and Manual Vehicles.
Our instructors are certified, experienced and knowledgeable so students receive informative quality lessons.
Our driving lessons are delivered to students by using our own professionally developed process of improvement.
Students are continually tested on their driving ability and information retention so they become more about doing than not doing. Students can see continual improvement with their driving even after their first lesson.

Learning from Mistakes

Penrith Driving School expect’s their students to make errors and mistakes because it’s a part of learning.
Our experienced instructors are monitoring the driving lessons with continual anticipation that a student will make an error.
Being prepared for the student to make errors is a part of teaching so they learn.
For students to be learning vehicle control they need to make errors and mistakes in a controlled environment or in other words as explained to students “you need to get it wrong to get it right”.

Students need to learn how to control a vehicle in ways such as braking, steering and accelerating.
By thinking for themselves and making self-adjustments helps to improve those errors.
Some may be oversteering, too much braking, maybe not enough braking but they learn to adjust with practice.
This helps them understand how they can refine the techniques of driving which are the only way they can learn properly.

Clear Instructions

By giving clear instructions, directions, and demonstrations students learn to understand what they should be doing and how they should be doing it.
You can sit there and explain to students what they should be doing and how they should do it but they need to experience those situations when out on the roads to be able to improve their driving ability so they can differentiate from what is an error or mistake.

Penrith Driving School encourages students to find positives from negatives to build their self-esteem, confidence, and ability.
When a student sees’s how they have improved on their previous errors and mistakes they were making it gives them more confidence which further motivates to learn.

It is important to start learning how to “think” for yourself in the early stages when learning how to drive which is the way Penrith Driving School teaches but this can also be of benefit to more advanced drivers to help improve their current driving ability.


Parents and Supervisors should remember that continual repetition of techniques is required over and over.
Different driving environments and areas help students maximise their knowledge of wider learning.
Driving up and down the same streets or roads may not progress a student’s ability or broaden their driving experience.

Very often students come to us prior to their driving test and because of their limited narrow style driving, they struggle to show us independent driving skills.
They can hesitate in making decisions when they are tested outside of their comfort zones.

Understand the Road Rules 

Having a good understanding of the road rules, road signs and line markings is important.
This forms part of the learning requirements, driving requirements and should not be disregarded.

As we continually remind supervisors and parents as well as students it is not just about passing your driving test.
You need to be able to drive properly and safely as an independent driver so don’t rush to get your licence if you are not ready but unfortunately, a lot of people just are not interested in driving properly just passing the driving test.

Teaching Properly

There is nothing wrong with parents or supervisors teaching their kids or students how to drive and is part the whole learning experience.  If supervisors aren’t actually teaching their kids or students in the correct way how to drive properly in the beginning then this can have a negative effect in the end.
Parents and supervisors should be aware when teaching that bad habits or incorrect techniques of the person teaching can be passed on the students that will reduce students abilities and skills.

Driving Risks

Students go to school to learn but in an environment where the risks of injury are lower so why not also send them to a driving school to learn how to drive properly and become smarter.
The risks of driving are much higher so having the right skills and knowledge is more important.
There seem to be more and more car accidents every day so learning how to drive properly should be a priority.

Reduce the stress and keep the family peace and consider some professional driving lessons and invest in their driving future by better preparing them for the roads ahead and consider our quality driving lessons. 

Penrith Driving School can advise you correctly the first time for all your driving lesson requirements for further information contact us our information is always free.

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