Learning to Drive

Learning to Drive

Please take the time to read our lesson information pages about packages and manual lessons.
Our FAQs page has information on lessons, packages and learning to drive information.
Our FAQs page answers some of the frequent questions we receive from inquiries about driving lessons.

Considering buying some driving lessons? maybe for your kids, grandkids or maybe just for you. What should you consider when buying driving lessons? Remember that having some professional driving lessons with Penrith Driving School could be seen as an investment.
Driving comes with risks so giving a good driver education from the beginning can lay the foundation for becoming a better driver.

Is Driver Education Important to you?

How important is your driving future or that of your children? Not all driving schools are the same so think about it, is a public school the same as a private school? Maybe not everyone can afford a private school education but you can probably afford private driver education.

At both schools, you will learn but the difference is the way the students learn from the teachers or an instructor with a driving school.
Our lesson prices reflect what our students will receive by way of practical knowledge Driving instructors pass on their experience and knowledge to their students when learning to drive so having a good instructor is important.
The way we teach our students helps them become better drivers in the beginning when they need to be.

Learner Logbooks

Learning To DriveFor learners, the RMS log book has 20 learning goals which are the coloured pages at the front of the learner log book.

  • The 20 learning goals are to be learned by the learner with a least 120 hours driving time required and recorded in the learner log book.
  • 20 hours are to be nighttime driving hours.
  • 1 hour with an instructor is equal to 3 hours in a learners log book up to 30 hours in total. (daytime hours only)

Learning Goals

How many of these 20 goals a student wants to learn is dependent on how many driving lessons they have. It also varies to what level of driving experience they may be at when learning to drive and starting out.

What you may learn during our driving lessons is dependent on what subjects you would like to learn during lessons. We can teach you all you need to know about learning to drive but not in a few lessons. Learning to drive properly takes time to develop the understanding of vehicle control and road rules. Practice often and frequently and learn to drive safely not just get in a car and drive. 

Learner Requirements

Parents and supervisors should read the requirements of the learner log book which sets out how to fill out the log book correctly. The learning goals that new learners need to accomplish during their learning are the coloured pages. Too often some parents or supervisors just sign the bottom the pages to indicate that a student has been taught that particular goal. Students or drivers coming to us for “pre-testing” prior to the driving test can struggle to show us they have a good driving ability.

Their understanding of the road rules is limited and they do not have enough experience as per the log book requirements. Students can struggle when on a driving lesson when tested by us in areas they have not driven. Log books are more of a summary of lessons and skills required to be learnt. Reading the learner’s logbook properly can help a supervisor or parent understand what they should be teaching.

Important note regarding Learner Log Books

The front inside cover of the learner log book contains important information about a student such as a student’s name, signature, licence number. The date when the book was issued which is needed by the RMS when attending the driving test to validate the student. Without the front cover attached to the logbook, the RMS may refuse to conduct a driving test. This is because in their view the book could belong to anyone.

If you lose your front cover you should immediately attend the RMS to purchase a new log. You will need to then transfer all log book hours into the new book.

Learn to Drive Safely

If you want to learn to drive safely is your goal then you should consider getting some free professional advice from us. Make sure that you are giving them the best driving experiences to help make them better and safer drivers in the early stages. It takes time to develop their skills which will lead to them becoming a better driver. New drivers may not have your skills so don’t assume they do. Test their skills and if they are not up to it, get more practice.

Driving Lesson Questions

Penrith Driving School is always happy to answer any questions and help with your inquiries you may have. If we can’t answer our phone straight we are conducting driving lessons. We will get back to you between our lessons so please leave us a message or maybe send us an online inquiry.

We hope you understand that is not fair to students for us to take bookings or answering inquiries when on lessons.
This is the students time, not ours. Thank you.

Does your current or previous driving instructor take phone calls and take bookings when you are on a lesson?
This could mean you get less driving lesson time as these instructors are not focused on their students but rather themselves.

In our view, this is not an acceptable practice for instructors to answer phones during lessons.
Leave us a message on our voicemail and we will return your call after our lesson.

Contact us at Penrith Driving School for further information and get the right advice the first time.