Learn to Drive Properly

Learning to Drive Properly to meet your Goals

For new learner drivers, it is important that parents, supervisors, and learners have a good read of the learner’s log book. The logbook sets out the “learning goals” for a new learner driver. Too often parents, supervisors, and learners don’t take the time to go through the book properly. The learning goal pages are usually signed without the learner actually having met the required learning goals in each section.

During a lesson, we check the learner’s log book and see the page has been signed. When we test the learner’s ability for the apparent skill they have learnt they are unable to show us that learning goal. Comes back to cheating yourself by just signing pages when a learner hasn’t achieved that competency.

Read the Road Rules, Log Books, Guide to the Driving Test

When we meet students and parents for the first time we like to ask them have you read the log book?. Have you also read the guide to the driving test?. What about the road rules? in the RUH which is the “Road Users Handbook”.

If you don’t know the road rules and what you should be doing then you shouldn’t be on the road. Most just say they had a bit of a look but then just went about getting into the car and driving. Supervisors or parents should include the learning goals as part of what they need to be teaching. Learners need to be aware of what they should be doing at the beginning of learning.

Don’t Skip the Basics of Driving

At the end of the day, as the saying goes, it’s up to you how you teach someone to drive. If you think cheating on the basics or skimping out on learning properly gets a licence quicker think again. Driving experience and gaining confidence only comes with quality practice and is learned over time.

Cheating on the basics without understanding the learning requirements puts people at risk. It will also come through at the end of the student alleged driving hours due to inexperience. It takes time for learners to absorb information and learn techniques.
We quite often see students that are not aware of the learning requirements.

We teach driving, learners should know the road rules

Students who come to do some lessons before their driving tests can struggle in ability, skills, understanding of road rules. They do not understand the intersections or roundabouts properly and sometimes just have no real road awareness. Confidence is only gained through practice, having no confidence can lead to hesitations and at times poor decisions.

The learning information was always available but was disregarded because it was just easier to get in a car and drive. Would you jump into the water without knowing how to swim? Some do with tragic results. The same can said for driving some think they can drive, if they could there wouldn’t be accidents. Consider not just jumping into the car and driving, learn what you should be teaching first.

Driving is a Risk

Driving on the roads is not a game it can be dangerous but people seem to continually think they can just into a car and drive. Not having the proper driving skills or road knowledge can be dangerous. New drivers need to drive safely and to contend with situations they may have to respond to in an instance takes time and practice. Inexperience does result in accidents or worse because they do not have the necessary skills.

Because it was more about getting a licence. Reduce the risks when driving and learn to drive safely and properly. It’s most important to learn, gain skills, road awareness and work towards becoming a better and smarter driver. You only have to be on the roads to see the idiots which will increase driving risks for everyone.

Have some Priorities

People seem to think that going to school, playing sports, maybe part-time work is more important. They are all part of growing up but so is learning to drive and getting a licence. A priority should be learning to drive safely and properly not just getting into a car and driving.
More practice = more experience. There is more chance of becoming a statistic on the roads when you don’t have the proper driving skills and the road awareness you need.

Driving knowledge and skills are not learned at school, work or at sports.
Neglecting regular driving practice can lead to students not developing the important driving skills they need.

Make the Time for Practice

We always seem to hear “I’ve been busy” “had no time” “mum and dad are busy”, for reasons of not practicing. Make the time to practice or invest in some good quality driving lessons. Learning to drive safely and confidently doesn’t come in a box. It’s a skill and ability only achieved with the good quality practice which also requires a good understanding of the road rules. Being able to competently control a motor vehicle takes times to learn.

Choose the best instructors

Being a driving instructor is not a skill gained overnight it takes time to learn how to properly teach someone to drive. It takes knowledge and experience to convey learning techniques and information so that students can properly understand how to become a safe and responsible driver.

In our view from what we continually see during driving lessons is below average. The skill and ability of a student can at times be below what is an acceptable standard if not being correctly taught. It seems that some driving instructors are more about themselves than the students which culminate in students not learning properly as the instructing is just not good enough from so-called “professional” driving instructors.

Repetition Equals Improvements

Penrith Driving School instructors are always focused on the improvement of our students to help them become better, smarter and safer drivers for the long term. Having experienced driving instructors who can teach students properly by providing information based on their combined 60 years of driving experience. Our instructors continually enforce and remind students of the RMS requirements and road rules to help develop smarter drivers with more awareness, after all, there are just too many idiots on the roads.

Best Driving Lessons

Penrith Driving School lessons are in our view the best informative and practical lessons available based on comparisons given by our students. In some cases, these students have attended more than one other driving school before trying us. We aim to make sure from the beginning that students are being shown the correct procedures as driving is a process of learning.

Learning the important knowledge they need to start becoming more automated and independent with their driving skills.
This can reduce the time needed to respond and react should an incident occur. Only comes with experience.

For all your driving lesson requirements Penrith Driving School can answer your questions and advise you about which lessons may best suit your requirements so why not talk to us now and get the right advice and information the first time.

Driving Test Pass Guarantee

Penrith Driving School offers an RMS Driving Test Pass Guarantee to our students when they are assessed by us as being ready to undertake the RMS P1/Driving Test.

There are more important factors to remember than just rushing to get your licence if you are not ready to be driving by yourself.
Driving independently is vastly different from having a supervisor or instructor sitting next to you helping you make driving decisions.
The decisions you make can determine your future make sure you’re ready before you start driving by yourself.

Are You Ready

Penrith Driving School Instructors can access if a student is ready to undertake the RMS driving test by testing a student’s practical skills. This can include their decision-making abilities and knowledge competencies which are the required skills required needed to pass the driving test. It is also about becoming a smarter and safer driver to qualify them for our “pass guarantee“.

The “pass guarantee” is not available to those students who decide they are ready themselves to attempt the driving test.
We still do the driving tests but there is no guarantee they will pass if they haven’t been assessed by our instructors as fully being ready. 
The pass rate for these students is always lower so consider some more practice or maybe some extra lessons if you’re not ready.

100% Pass Rate

The “driving test pass guarantee”  is only available to students have successfully passed our pre-testing and independent driving assessments. This will indicate to us when you are ready to go for your driving test.
Our instructors will determine when you are ready to undertake the RMS Driving Test.

They will use the Penrith Driving School vehicle they have been using for their driving lessons.
Our assessment of your ability is based on your pre-testing lessons with our instructors. Our instructors will have assessed your ability during your pre-test driving assessment. Your future driving ability is determined by you.

So far all students that qualified and have been assessed by us for our “pass guarantee” have passed the first time.
It’s not just about passing your test it’s also about becoming a better driver.
The first time the guarantee is limited to Penrith Driving School resupplying the vehicle and instructor for another test at no cost to you.
We will also pay for your driving test booking which is currently $57.
You are responsible for your licence fee after you pass which currently is $57.

Safe Driving And Using Mobiles

We do not answer phones when on driving lessons as this is the student’s time.
Would you like us taking bookings and phones calls during your lessons?
We don’t take bookings and answering phone calls or waste your time just as some other instructors do.

If you have made the phone call to us then you may as well leave a message on our voicemail.
Send us a text message or send an online enquiry and we will get back to you in between lessons.

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