Driving Lessons Penrith Areas

Penrith Driving Lesson Areas

Penrith Driving School is a well-established local driving school providing great quality and informative driving lessons in the Penrith and surrounding areas.

The RMS Driving Test areas around Penrith, Kingswood, South Penrith, Cambridge Park are the areas which most driving lessons are conducted. Areas that include traffic lights, roundabouts, quiet streets, main roads, multi-lane roads, various types of intersections are used for pre-testing. Students are tested on ability, skill, and knowledge when preparing for the driving test. New learners will start out in quieter areas then progress to more difficult and complex driving situations.
For the correct advice or further information please contact us at Penrith Driving School.

Do remember we can’t take phone calls when on driving lessons as this is students time, leave a voicemail. You can also send an online inquiry or SMS text and we will respond when we can.

Click here to read our Supervising Learners Tips and Common Learner Mistakes if thinking about teaching someone to drive.

Driving Lessons
Blue Hills

Cambridge Gardens
Cambridge Park
Claremont Meadows

Driving Lessons
Glenmore Park
Mulgoa Rise
Jordan Springs

Driving Lessons
Kingswood Park

Emu Heights
Orchard Hills

Driving Lessons
South Penrith
Werrington County

Areas below such as

Silverdale-Warragamba-Wallacia-Luddenham-Mulgoa-Mt Druitt-St Clair-Castlereagh-Glenbrook-Blaxland-Mt Riverview
We do not pick up from those areas due to the time it takes to travel and transition from lesson to lesson. It can also disadvantage students if we have to drive to training areas as some of these areas are unsuitable for learning to drive. If we can’t do proper driving lessons we prefer not to do them.

Parents bring students into Penrith for lessons and drop them off at Penrith Driving School on Jamison Rd or we meet elsewhere. Other students catch train or buses to Penrith station where we pick up from.

Lesson Hours are Monday to Friday 7 am to 6 pm Sat/Sun 7 am to 1 pm
Lessons outside these times may attract a surcharge including night time lessons

For further information and the right advice please contact

Penrith Driving School on 0426 446 955

Bookings and Information hours 6 am to 9 pm