Drive Safe - Defensive Driving

At Penrith Driving School teaching our students to drive safe is a top priority during our driving lessons. Why ? because there are so many unsafe irresponsible drivers (driving idiots) on the road.

Drive Defensively To Be Safe

Some of what we teach our students is to:

  1. Drive to what you see: all your driving should be based on your vision, never make decisions or assume unless you can see properly.
  2. Drive to the road and weather conditions: consider the road or weather conditions and reduce your speed.
  3. Be aware of your surroundings: continually monitoring and observing by scanning in front, behind and to the sides.
  4. Learn the importance of defensive driving: Learning to read the traffic by identifying potential hazards to reduce risks.
  5. Don’t trust other drivers: Learn to understand car road positioning of other cars for decision making.
  6. Keep a safe following distance to vehicles: maintaining a safe following distance allows for better response preparation and reaction times.
  7. Make time for quality practice: take driving seriously and learning to drive properly, it may just save your life.

Observe Dangerous Driving

Here is a video of what we see on a daily basis from driving school car. You will observe:

  1. Driving over the speed limit on suburban roads
  2. Illegal overtaking
  3. Dangerous overtaking
  4. Dangerous young drivers
  5. Illegal turns
  6. Overtaking in the left lane
  7. Lots of speeding

Tips for Defensive Driving

  1. Recognise a hazard
  2. Reduce risks
  3. Drive to the conditions
  4. Keep distance
  5. Stay alert
  6. Avoid distractions
  7. Have very good driving skills
  8. Ensure the car is roadworthy and operational
  9. Recognise the signs of driver fatigue

Penrith Driving School also puts together a selection of videos taken from actual driving lessons that show the idiots and careless drivers that disregard road rules and put other drivers at risk.
Some of these drivers were reported to the police and further action was taken against them for dangerous driving.
This is the reality of driving it can be dangerous so learning to be smarter can help you avoid potential accidents.
Please note: some language that may be offensive to some can be heard at times.

The link below is to a YOUtube channel Dash Cams Penrith

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Driving Lesson Videos

Videos taken from driving lessons can help other students understand the various driving situations. Remember “nanny driving” does not make smart and safe drivers as they never learn to drive properly which can be been seen in some of the videos where other drivers struggle with driving standards. We deal with reality so we teach reality driving.

Driver Beware – Drive Safe

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