Driving Lessons are often associated with teenagers who are just beginning to learn how to drive and or preparing to pass their driver’s test to obtain their P1 licence.
There are many reasons adult drivers may lack some confidence which leads to uncertainty about their driving ability and therefore maybe not teaching correctly when supervising should consider taking driving lessons with Penrith Driving School.
So what are some of those reasons that adults could benefit from driving lessons?
Driving conditions have changed.
Now more than ever there are more cars on the roads which mean a higher risk of accidents or incidents.
Everybody seems to in a hurry, drivers can lose patience because of the traffic congestion which means that some drivers will take more risks and the chances of being involved in an accident are much higher than they were in the past.
The quality and responsibility of some drivers on the roads these days seems to have diminished especially with the use of mobile phones.
Accidents and Road Awareness
Smart drivers these days are virtually driving for those other drivers, who are careless, take unnecessary risks, drive recklessly and don’t show any respect for other road users.
You need to be able to think ahead, be able to recognise potential situations that could lead to an accident.
Some of these drivers disregard the road rules or are just too focused on driving their car that they are not aware of what is going on around them which can lead to them being the cause of accidents by making rash or incorrect decisions which may end up involving you but if you are prepared and can see the signs you may very well be able to avoid an incident.
Bad Habits
Taking driving lessons as an adult has many benefits and should be seriously considered.
Mature drivers from older generations can form bad habits and pass these on to their children without being aware that they may very well not be teaching them correctly so students can struggle and may lack confidence.
Students may also fail to pass driving tests which can be extremely disappointing to them and also may lead to be teased by friends because they “failed their test”.
It can also cause incorrect decision making and risk taking which can lead to accidents.
Taking lessons from a certified instructor with Penrith Driving School can help by making sure that what you are teaching is correct.
Parents always have the best interest of their children at heart and there is nothing wrong with teaching your children to drive as long as what you are teaching them is correct.
You must have patience and be prepared to encourage them even when they make mistakes; yelling and screaming won’t teach them to drive and may create conflict.
Driving has evolved and so has the ways of teaching.
Don’t just become passenger fulfill the goal of correctly teaching and let Penrith Driving School take away the stress and keep the family peace.
Road Rules
As instructors we see it every single day the total disregard by some road users disobeying the road rules and thinking “hey I’ve got my licence I can do what I want” and of course they do.
They run red lights go through stop signs and roundabouts, overtake when you are trying to turn, they really shouldn’t have their licences.
Some of these drivers know the road rules but just disregard them anyway and some other road users may not even know the road rules. These drivers can put everyone at risk so learn to recognize and anticipate the potential dangers which may help you to avoid a future incident.
Remember car insurance companies want to know about any accidents and also how many demerit points you have lost so they can use this to calculate how much they will charge you for your insurance premiums.
If you fail to declare any accidents or demerit points to an insurance company they can void your policy should you be involved in any accidents.
This can also extend to any “modifications” made to your vehicle.
Be honest with your insurer if not certain talk to them otherwise you may be up for hundreds of thousands of $ if somebody is serious injured or property is damaged.
Maybe you are from overseas or interstate.
Whether you are a student, worker, or new citizen, if you did not originally learn to drive in Australia or are from interstate it might be a good idea to do some driving lessons with Penrith Driving School where we can teach you the correct way we drive in NSW.
Driving a motor vehicle is just one part of the driving skills required as you also need to understand the road rules along with being able to interpret the road signs, traffic lights, lane markings to help ensure you are a safer driver and be road smart.
You Are Nervous About Driving
Taking lessons with a certified and experienced instructor from Penrith Driving School can help a driver work through the fear of driving.
If a driver is struggling with panic attacks caused by driving anxiety, taking lessons with an instructor beside them may help them work through that anxiety.
Drivers can be taught to build up their driving confidence in a safer environment by knowing the instructor is there to help them to drive and they won’t be left to make the all-important decisions by themselves which can lead to becoming more independent to make correct decisions when driving.

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