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Penrith Driving School has put together some short videos that are recorded by our in car cameras during our driving lessons with students. We always vary the areas we travel in and mix up different traffic conditions so students are continually tested by having to think about what is required and what car adjustments such as road positioning, visual checks for hazards, observation checks, learning about road awareness and anticipation of what other drivers might do that can be required in any given situation.
The more variation of your driving the more experience you will gain and the more confident you will become but it takes time.

As many parents and supervisors would know driving on the road with other road users can at times be frustrating and may be even a little scary given a lot of other road users have no respect for learner drivers, they continually tailgate, overtake unnecessarily, cut you off, may be even abusing you by honking or beeping at you and the occasional swearing with the use of hands to name a few.
Penrith Driving School instructors are always looking out for the students and trying to avoid situations but we have every right to be on the roads just like other road users. Sometimes enough is enough when irate or a stupid idiot driver causes a dangerous situation which just wasn’t necessary we take the time to report them to the Police who are quite happy to act on the video from our cameras. 

Some of our videos are of driving lessons with us going through different traffic conditions and some other videos, well they speak for themselves and maybe you even know some these clowns in the video by way of cars and number plates. May be if they are identified they might wake up to themselves and think about their reckless, stupid and unsafe driving practices.

Penrith Driving School provides the best quality and most informative car driving lessons in Manual and Automatic vehicles that will help make you a much better a safer driver by teaching in a professional manner that covers all areas that meet and exceed the RMS requirements.
Our lessons are not just about driving students around but rather having the students drive themselves around which makes students think independently by making driving decisions for themselves after all the end result will be driving independence so why not learn early to become a better and safer driver after you get your licence.

Driving Lessons Through St Marys

Driving Lessons Through Penrith

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Congratulations to Justin from Emu Heights on passing his P1 driving test on his first attempt.
Justin had done lessons on and off over the last 12 months and did a couple more lessons prior to his driving test to help make sure he was ready.
Being properly prepared not only for the driving test but also for when you get your licence is important as that is when fully independent driving starts.
Justin showed he was up to the test and passed with no problem at all.
Well done to Justin

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A big congratulations to Maddison from Cranebrook on passing her P1 driving test at her first attempt.
Maddison had been driving with her mum but needed some extra help with her parking and to meet the RMS criteria.
Over the past few weeks, Maddison had been doing extra lessons to get ready for her driving test.
With all the extra practice Maddison had no problem passing her test.
Now Maddison looks forward to starting her further education and being able to drive to her courses.
Congratulations to Maddison.

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Congratulations to Emily from Glenmore Park on passing her P1 driving test on her first attempt.
Emily had been doing driving lessons over the past couple of months in preparation for her driving test.
Part of the driving test preparation is also looking for the student to show independent driving which is required for the driving test.
Emily had built up a lot of confidence and gained a lot more driving skills and had no problem passing her driving test.
Well done Emily.

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Congratulations to Neha from Jordan Springs on passing her P1 driving test.
Neha had previously attempted her driving test by herself without success a few times but was still having trouble meeting the requirements.
After a serious of lessons which improved her driving and confidence overall, Neha finally got her licence this time around with only a couple of minor errors which was a big relief.
Learning to drive takes time to absorb information and apply techniques.
Plenty of practice is also required as traffic conditions change all the time so the more practice the better you understand.
Well done to Neha.

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Congratulations to Shalimar from Kingswood on passing her P1 driving test.
Shalimar had been doing some lessons over the past couple of months getting ready for her driving test but unfortunately, small lapses in concentration resulted in not passing.
Preparation is everything when going for a driving test and being able to drive confidently, knowing the road rules and having good solid vehicle control will help you drive better and help be prepared for those unexpected hazards.
After a few more lessons Shalimar did a great drive and this time around had no problem in passing her P1 driving test.
Well done to Shalimar.

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